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Bloodborne general discussion

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1 Bloodborne general discussion on Thu Oct 12, 2017 9:21 am

I played some of it earlier, pretty good so far, but damn I wish it had a high frame rate mode. I wish high frame rate modes would be a standard console option, it's so rare but just the option for lower resolution for solid 60fps is a thoughtful option.

And damn Roy that shotgun parry is busted, I parried so many mobs straight away with no effort. So what's the practical use for different guns? Different ranges/damage/spreads/rate of fire I imagine.

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2 Re: Bloodborne general discussion on Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:36 pm

Yeah Nioh really pushed the benchmark in that regard, it's Action/Movie mode was a stroke of genius imo. Really liked that function.

In terms of the guns, they each have their own use.

Shotgun: parries, has high spread so takes less skill to use - but higher startup frames.
Pistol: parries but deals good damage - quick startup frames
Repeater: same as pistol, but fires more shots, not that useful imo.
Ludwig: a sort of super-shotgun, but fires a lot slower - good for paries if you know the timing
Flamethrower/Mist Sprayer: good in specific builds, can deal monsterous damage when paired with Bone Marrow Ash which increase damage done.
Gattling Gun: pointless imo.
Canon: high damage
Church Canon: high damage, diferent stats
Rifle: More for sniping

More info can be found here:

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3 Re: Bloodborne general discussion on Sun Oct 15, 2017 8:41 am

So I've beaten blood starved after maybe 2 dozen attempts as I wasted all my items since I didn't know I had antidote items. Hate that boss, just the poison is so cheap, you get hit twice as long as the poison meter is there you get poisoned, but then it starts shitting the stuff in its third phase, good thing visceral attacks give iframes. I made some swift progress right after, roamed around that hemwick Forrest area or something(accidentally ran in to that old witch boss and just teleported out to save mah souls I was laying on 4K$$$$ moneh baybee).

I'm using saw spear and axe for backup, namely for its transformed charge attack which is beast, and pistol too, I've upgraded them both to +3. I've leveled up to maybe about 30, levels don't seem to be an issue, I haven't had to open up a spread sheet to comprehend it so far haha. I'm gonna try out the blood katana, and maybe that gun sword from cainhurst. It's really good so far, love the atmosphere and gameplay, I dig the charge attacks, just how you have to position yourself behind a foe to get a visceral attack as opposed to fishing for backstabs. I've also unlocked a chalice dungeon, it has an undead giant boss in it, damn so much extra content it's nuts, full of unique mobs and bosses too.

It all feels like a spiritual successor to castlevania, namely the old ones as they where the hardest by far. Come to think of it simon's quest was a sort of non linear open level structure like the igavania titles.
I love how gameplay centric the souls series is, for all its npc interactions and deep lore it just dumps you in a world to go dick around, mess with the local inhabitants and maybe fight a boss for its dosh.

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4 Re: Bloodborne general discussion on Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:15 am

Killed the witch boss in 1 go, pretty easy. Its great so far, I've got the ludwig sword, but I'm in favour of faster weapons in action games, so I'll have to get Eileen's daggers and the blood katana.

Stats I've not had to fuss about, they're very basic and supplementary to the action, I'm having them even so I'm closer to the level required for whatever weapon I decide to use.
Armour seems cosmetic mostly no major benefits yet, which I'm fine with as I hate stats over skill.

Purged Vicar Amelia and then I sort of discovered a bunch of places. Like nightmare frontier, hypogean gaol and forbidden woods. Gonna beat Paarl tomorrow, and also Amygdala.

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5 Re: Bloodborne general discussion on Tue Oct 17, 2017 8:59 am

Armor is really cosmetic, though the resistances can factor in on a New Game. A gear with high lightning resistance can almost half the damage you take of that element, which is nice.

The most important stat is Dex, as it also increases the damage of your parry.

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6 Re: Bloodborne general discussion Yesterday at 9:11 am

I beat amygdala, logarius and the one reborn(got some tower knight vibes from the witches on the upper level, also rad name). I lost against micolash a few times so I'll do that tomorrow, he's definitely one of the more unconventional bosses in the souls series and he's done well, mad bastard just keeps running away and jumping through mirrors like it's benny hill.

One complain I have about the beast bosses is that they are all a bit samey, they all have a very similar move set and often mess up the camera due to their speed/size, so I'd unlock camera namely against Paarl. That said they are good bosses, though blood starved is annoying with it's poison buildup, gave me more trouble than the other beasts that's for sure.

I got the chikage super sick BLOOD KATANA, and the evelyn which scales with bloodtinge so that's good for damage, that and I love its gangsta firing animation. I love the look of a few dlc weapons, namely the saif, beast cutter and rakuyo.

Any weapons that can hard knockdown like the extended axe charge swing? that move is super useful, I'd dodge backwards into bloodstarved lunging claw attack so I'd be next to them for a charged swing. Though i found it was easier to just charge saw spear up its bum or parry all day.

How different is NG+? Like mob hp and damage values?

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7 Re: Bloodborne general discussion Yesterday at 9:27 am

Micolash is a really fun and weird fight, can be a bit frustrating at first too but it really feels fun and special.

The beast bosses are a bit meh, most of them are really samey. Fighting them unlocked is the way to go for sure.

If you can, do the DLC bosses. They are easily the best. Also try and get to the end of the Chalices. Really has some of the best fights in the game, like Defiled Watchdog and a few unique bosses you don't see in the main game.

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8 Re: Bloodborne general discussion Yesterday at 11:58 am

I've been doing the chalices, just to see those bosses, I've got the dlc bundled version. I've read the chalices don't scale to ng+.

Is it advised to do dlc post main game?
I'm about lvl63-5 maybe, stats are pretty even(about lvl18-20) except arcane which is still 8. I'm glad they toned down the stats, no weight limits and armour stats either, very stressless and comprehendible.

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9 Re: Bloodborne general discussion Yesterday at 12:41 pm

The DLC was made to absolutely destroy end-game players, so yeah if you can do it before the credits roll.

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So I cleared up mensis, lost against ebriates and Ludwig. I got the hunter saif which has a really cool and unique move set, strikes in weird angles and has a few attacks with forward or back dashes built in, great for hit n run tactics. So I'll be doing the dlc next since I'm right next to the endings.

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The Saif is a really fun weapon. That's generally a big flaw of the DLC, a good flaw, all the weapons of the DLC are better and more fun than the rest. The Boom Hammer is fun, The Holy Blade is amazing, Saif is insanely cool etc. Really cool weapons!

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They clearly went nuts with the dlc weps, easily some of the most unique hybrid weapons that take advantage of the trick gimmick.

One thing I find odd is that weps can degrade but its so rare and costs nothing why even have it? Cuz souls had it ennit, good thing Nioh got rid of that, but Niohs got it's own spreadsheet sim/grindfest issues.

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It really is one of those leftover things, a weapon only 'broke' once for me in my entire run to NG+7, it is really rare to see it happen. I didn't even know it was a thing haha.

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