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1 F.E.A.R on Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:50 am

Been playing this lately, a big favourite of mine. Have the 360 version its decent but the original pc version(2005) still looks great plus mods exist especially very recently some fancy redux mods are in the works. Really gonna save up for a pc.

It's known for its intense John woo-esque firefights with its great slo mo mechanic, sound design and some of the most innovative enemy ai in games to this day.

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2 Re: F.E.A.R on Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:30 am

Easily one of my favorite shooters if only because of the AI, it is one of the few games around that makes me feel really 'attacked' and fighting actual people. The tuning is just right in this game's case.

Never played the console version but have the PC edition for cheap. Sadly my laptop can't handle it anymore as I sold my gaming-rig. Really want to replay this game again (though I really hate the 'creepy girl' horror element).

What does the redux mod do?

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3 Re: F.E.A.R on Mon Sep 18, 2017 9:15 am

What does the redux mod do?
I'll have to find the trailer for it, the trailer was this September, it's a graphics(enhanced lighting, sound, textures, and effects)overhaul as far as I'm aware, among some gameplay tweaks and changes. Other mods have been made like a reshader mod, gore, and weapon mods. Also some new single player level mods.

though I really hate the 'creepy girl' horror element
I don't care for the spooky child trope it's so lame, I'm not scared by kids and horror seldom spooks me anyway. Plus many spooky sections are scripted so you can't move much making them walky sections. Good thing its infrequent enough to not be much of a bother.

I would have liked it if they did something more creative with the supernatural stuff in fear1 gameplay wise, for example: Perseus mandate expansion has monsters that hide in black puddles on the ground that appear small but become large when close, they grab you if you step on them and they often appear in dark areas with blood obscuring them(one is even in some water haha).
They where interesting as the main game is devoid of such hazards and they function uniquely since they can't attack you unless you step on them, most will not be focusing on the floor so it can take you off guard. It's an avoidable jumpscare for the keen player and if you do get grabbed you effectively have to fight the jumpscare itself haha.

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4 Re: F.E.A.R on Wed Sep 20, 2017 4:26 am

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