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Knack 2

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51 Re: Knack 2 on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:28 am

I actually posted this topic there haha, to no avail. Haters be haters :/

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52 Re: Knack 2 on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:06 am


Might mess around on my no upgrade very hard run today. Getting tired of having my score broken by one bullet on Matterfall. And I'm only playing the first stage lol. Something ALWAYS gets me.

I'm still not sure if Knack 2 will be possible later on. You are given the basic moves to be able to deal with each kind of enemy, but it's a different story for large groups. So far I'm cancelling a lot with jumps, and using the air attack all the time.

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53 Re: Knack 2 on Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:09 am


I keep forgetting I can block. It was something I barely ever did with upgrades. Now it's crucial to survival.

I forget the stages but that monk city in chapter 2 I think? Pretty hard. You're dead in a 2-3 hits if you're lucky, but this is the stage where you learn the heavy punch. With this, due to how Knack's arm stretches, you can attack enemies from like 3 steps away. I used this a lot in a normal because it's so good, and I'm using it even more now.

The first hit of the kick chain boosts Knack forward quite a bit. Good for getting in the first attack as a lot of enemies in this game like to run in while attacking. Better yet, it's on the same button as the power punch which is done by holding circle. What this means is you can kick with circle and hold it down which will cause the punch to come out immediately after.

The enemies in this game are insane. The monk with a staff has a ton of moves and they poke you from max range perfectly, or walk towards you while twirling so you can't approach or jump in.

The little Knack clones have more moves and abilities than what you start with, and have long range options too. Fighting two of them is NASTY.

The NG dodging discussion reminded me of how often enemies dodge in Knack 2. I wonder what that is based on?

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54 Re: Knack 2 on Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:16 pm


This game is brutal.

I was playing my no upgrade run last night and got utterly demolished by a group of basic robots. Even when playing normally they are still brutal, you just have more tools to deal with them.

One mechanic I forgot to mention is how enemy behavior changes when you've been damaged enough. As you know, with each hit you lose relic parts and get smaller. Once you reach a certain small size, the enemies go berserk like they KNOW you have no defenses left. They actually speed up and come barreling straight at you. Even their attacks are faster and more brutal.

Trolls will have you believe this game was designed for kids but that's complete crap. The enemies here are more brutal and have more to them than most actual games I've played. They kinda of remind me of what I've seen from NG in some ways.

Sure, easy mode is a joke and actually cuts out huge portions of the level if you keep say, falling down a hole, and on harder modes, you have moves that can shut down most enemies pretty easily, but that doesn't change what they're doing.

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55 Re: Knack 2 on Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:04 pm

Granted, I've only played the demo but I can understand that this must be really difficult. Keep it up man! Are you recording it in anyway? Or streaming? Would love to watch some parts. You can always just stream via your PS4 or set the recorder on (max is 1 hour).

What you note about players complaining about difficulty is something I know well (as do most here). It is interesting though, as to why in godsname that's a thing. I'm not sure myself. It might be because most players don't play beyond Normal, which is why Souls is seen as so difficult as its main setting is already decently challenging, but cake compared to the higher settings in higher style runs. I would be interested in seeing new players start Ninja Gaiden Black on Master Ninja for instance and see how long they last, I doubt any would make it to the first boss let alone beat him.

How is the checkpoint system in Knack 2? Do you have to replay a lot when you die or is it all good?


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56 Re: Knack 2 on Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:36 pm


Checkpoints are ok. Usually at the start of the fight or segment you died on. Like if you fall you'll reload pretty much around that point.

In a no upgrade run though, even with many checkpoints, it can still be a pain especially when a single battle can have multiple waves of enemies.

I'm still trying to find ways to fight effectively without upgrades. As I mentioned before I'm using blocking a hell of a lot, but the problem is I'm not used to it and I get hit by things you can't block often. That'll change with time though.

The other issue is how enemies have so many attacks and they often run at you with attacks at the ready, making avoiding them very difficulty because everything can easily catch up with you.

I think things will get easier once I get the long arm grab, which is how you can easily deal with enemies coming towards you with attacks ready. It just pulls them in for a free attack. That's a story upgrade so it's allowed. So is the boomerang and DBZ flurry punch but they will all be base versions.

I don't have the connection for streaming. Probably won't record either because it would just be hours of failed attempts. I die constantly trying to figure out each fight.

It's interesting how much blocking matters, but ONLY when you don't upgrade. With upgrades, there's always something you can do to enemies so I never used blocking a lot outside of parrying projectiles.

I imagine I'll be using the grab a lot too, as it cancels what an enemy is doing and pulls them in. You can't pull enemies larger than you, but the grab still stops them as they have to shrug it off. Boomerang is going to be incredibly useful too.

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57 Re: Knack 2 on Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:04 pm

Just if you have a cool fight, press the "save as video" button, would love to see one or two! :)

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