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Transformers Devastation

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1 Transformers Devastation on Sat Sep 16, 2017 6:30 am


I'm just going to post all the mechanics videos I know of and some high level gameplay.

Here are Saur's excellent tutorials. He planned to do more but doesn't seem like he's coming back to them any time soon.

1 - Movement and Targeting

2 - Hit Reactions

3 - Weight Classes

4 - Vehicle Attacks

5 - Rush Attacks

Here's some from other players.

Gun switching technique.

Just Frames

Combo video

Insane Grimlock gameplay (Roy, you'll like this. Grimlock is the grapple character).

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2 Re: Transformers Devastation on Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:04 am

Good stuff, this was a dream game for me as I adore the transformers the movie 1986 as a kid, I used to watch it all the time on the long car trip to my grandads. I haven't played this in a while.

I like the difference between each character, notably grimlocks Dino form and grapple moves are a nice touch. The loot stuff is a needless mess that detracts from the core gameplay, always had to clear the loot screen up after each level it's such a chore that has no place in such a game.

Sucks how TMNT turned out, so this game was the last great platinum game.

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