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Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion.

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1 Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:25 am

I beat sigma so now onto NG2. I used to 2's gameplay, I've played it more than I can remember, sigma baffles me but I'm familiar with 2. Doing warrior, might try mentor after. Wearing the type 20 camo spandex, now I'm a tactical ninja too.

Beat chapter 1, getting used to it, adjusting from sigma I'm rusty but I'm understanding ng combos more now. I always get confused and hold a direction but that causes certain moves to happen, sort of a habit from dmc and bayo I guess; you really need to know what move to use and when against who.
I'm doing much better now, ng combos are pretty simple actually it's the hold/tilt forward to use certain moves/combos that gets me, no other game seems to do it quite like NG.

I'm watching Bi..Dick benedicts 3rd ng2 guide. I watched his NGblack and Sigma guides when I first played sigma to compare the two. I'm learning some tips like use certain moves for iframes in a pinch especially against IS ninja. So use guillotine throw for iframes and quick escapes from groups, and easy dismembers. 
NG many moves seem to have i.frames in them so I need to find what moves have those. NG is all about being pragmatic so I need to keep that ninja efficiency in my play style. I really love that the mechanics incentivise that,though I prefer a mix of style and efficiency as doing what works for pure practical function is not as fun to me; I think that's why I love vanquish and god hand so much; Mikami brand of action really hits that sweet spot of stylish but practical for me.

So I also have sigma 2 but haven't touched it, haven't looked at sigma 2 much but I know they made some odd and questionable choices beyond just no gore and less enemies at once.

Did chapter 3, Gigadeath is a weird boss, love their goofy mech fish face.

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2 Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:56 am

On chapter 6 now. Love that track in the starting ghost fish area. I'm using the lvl3 tonfa, I haven't used it before it's odd weapon. It has a dash cancel which seems unique to it which I really like as an ability. I love being able to cancel my attacks it gives me more control and confidence since I can cancel them to safety and will give me more options. Is the tonfa a good choice? That dash cancel seems super useful but it's got short range like the claws which I also love. Scythe is also a big favourite.

Warrior mode isn't too hard, I might try mentor but i don't like the look of all the bullshit spamming IS ninjas and such, I'm not very good at ng so I think I'll find it more frustrating than fun. I don't like playing pure efficiency and perfection I like leeway to mess around and experiment.

Bosses are pretty easy which I find odd, I don't like their super fast attacks they so hard to dodge and predict and they spam them like alexei's grab.They all die so fast at least on warrior. Ninja gaiden bosses don't really have that dynamic that really clicks with me, I prefer a boss like azel or bogeys that have that dynamism and interactivity I love.

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3 Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:54 am

Honestly you're judging a game in the wrong sense, most Ninja Gaiden games were built for the highest setting and then downgraded for lower settings so you're not getting the 'real' experience just yet. Bosses can be quite the experience on Master Ninja as they are insanely fast and have a lot going on. Elizebeth and Fiend Genshin are my favorite as they both ask the player to really think on his feet and keep in mind that not every punish will work the way they thought it would.

On the topic of IS ninjas, that is mostly Master Ninja. Mentor is filled with the Tactical Ninjas (those with guns). The tonfa is amazing though, easily among the best weapons. It's dash-cancel works wonders and its level 1 Ultimate Technique (UT) is the best in the game almost.

It's funny though, I'm talking to a few people recently about Ninja Gaiden and their experiences with it and all are starting with the broken games. Ninja Gaiden 2, 3 and Razor's Edge are all pretty broken. I'd honestly ask you if you can get it to play Black or the original first. The Alma fights in that alone show you just how wrong you can be about a boss in this series.

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4 Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:51 am

How is ng2 broken? I've never looked into it but see and here stuff that say it's bullshit/broken. Could you break that down for me?

Is alma designed differently in sigma?

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5 Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:49 am

I'm not really against ng. I'm not very good at it and I prefer and understand others(dmc,god hand,vanquish) more is all. I can never really get used to the combo inputs, the whole tilt forward for different moves confuses me and I often end up doing the wrong move. The whole gameplay I'm not too comfortable with so I can't enjoy it as much as others, which is to say I do still enjoy a lot Smile.
The bosses I like overall it has a good variety.
Also I'm not touching master ninja that's not fun to me, I don't care to get that good that's way too stressful haha. Ng has tons of shit going on at once I can barely deal with it already.

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6 Re: Ninja gaiden 2 general discussion. on Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:50 pm

If you can, and have an XBOX, I highly recommend the original the most. It's pretty easy to get into and doesn't have all the 'bullshit' that came with later entries. It really is among the most fun games I've played in my life : )

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