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Devil's Third

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1 Devil's Third on Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:15 am

For reference:

I haven't played it but I looked at it for a while now have some thoughts here:

Level design seems to be an issue in the campaign,  as it's way too linear and doesn't effectively allow for use of the movement options and interplay between guns, movement and melee which is something the multiplayer alleviates due to open map design. It seems too binary and encounters are either cover shooting or melee, if the levels where more open and allowed for multiple approaches via smart use of elevation navigation to flank foes then you could make melee/guns as viable as you want. It has so much more going on that basic cover shooting and melee, the interplay is what it was founded on and what the multiplayer achieves.

Bosses I'm not sure if they are bullshit poorly designed or actually good and the player just sucks, maybe mix of both. I've seen they seem unclear with their tells and openings and may get armor/iframes and have some really fast atacks and can cancel out of moves, I'm not sure in these things just notes. I do like grundla saha and kumano bosses the most(designs, themes and move sets), don't know if the angry black dood is a cheap boss but kumano seems the most fair straight away his moves make the most sense to me.

Enemy types seem lacking. Mostly soldiers with guns and/or knives, ninja, invisible ladies and big black bullet sponges that seem pretty redundant. Zombies are boring damage sponges too.

Lack of offline multiplayer functions like a wave mode against ai that would reuse multiplayer maps for offline use, that way one could really use the map to elevate the core gameplay.

It's clearly a rushed game but I'm glad it's out, it needs to find a balance between its mechanics as the story mode seems all to eager to be the next cod/army of two.

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2 Re: Devil's Third on Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:52 pm

The bosses are just really agressive, but you can nail them down hard. They are Itagaki style bosses but without him holding back. The mission 3 boss Saha is especially hard though.

The game itself really lacks a desire to use its mechanics. The gameplay itself really leans for a Vanquish style mixture of close combat and shooting, yet the enemies are all built around shooting. Going in with a katana is begging for death. Also Score-mode is no longer available, you can play it but it doesn't work as the leaderboards were taken offline sadly. Still the game holds a special place in my heart. It was the game that prompted me to start Stinger Magazine as a whole because I felt the game didn't get enough love.

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