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God Hand general discussion

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1 God Hand general discussion on Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:16 am

Not much to say yet just putting this here for now. You're not Alexander.(I done fixed it).

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2 Re: God Hand general discussion on Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:24 am

You're* Razz

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3 Re: God Hand general discussion on Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:07 am

Beat god hand again on normal. Clear time 17:12:33. Continues-66. Slain villagers 0. ;p
Foes slain:
Total average-3.6

I actually took a break from god hand to play something else I can't remember haha. I got back into GH this year recently, I started to really learn some stuff this time as I checked up mikekobs and companies info.

I hate how you start with default moves and stats for cleared game. Even on cleared game2 which means I have to grind for cash at the arena and casino a bit. Not so bad but that's a bit of tedium. I have the psn version which has some slowdown when too many dust particles are near you, otherwise it's same as ps2. It's emulated not a proper remaster, which is effectively the pc emulated version anyway.

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4 Re: God Hand general discussion on Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:16 am

Read some of the comments their is some good discussion on game genre terms.

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5 Re: God Hand general discussion on Mon Sep 11, 2017 8:57 am

I tried hard mode a bit ago and I couldn't get passed they whipped me good. I don't like lvldie for some bosses they get so fast I can't react to some of their moves, the damage they deal is insane too. I prefer lvl3 I consider that to be hard mode and lvldie is gene must die.

I'd rather wait until I can get a pc to emulate it at 60fps to play lvldie for real,god hand is so damn fast it needs it. Psn version slowdown from too many particle effects doesn't help.
Never gonna do a KMS run that's way too hard and boring, I like to have all my tools at my disposal.

I have to respect all the enemies in god hand they have to be the most competent batch of goons in anything ever, those 2 regular goons in intro stage are 2 of the best designed enemies ever.

On my first god hand run I didn't even know how to guard break properly until elvis forced me to, I didn't know how to do the shoryuken/air launch kick/sweep reliably until my second run. God hand has kicked my arse more than any other game I've played period. I think my average death count for each stage was at least 30. God hand is like an abusive relationship, the more it beats me the more I love it and come back for more, a brutal sensei but it demands my best constantly and rewards in kind.

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6 Re: God Hand general discussion on Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:56 am

I always like playing on Normal the most exactly because of those rankings you mentioned. I am curious what, without resets, would be a good run. 3.6 grade average seems pretty darn good not going to lie.

I'll take a look at those videos later-on. Seem pretty cool!

For the new game mode, I have a save-file where I have (nearly) max-cash after the casino is unlocked. So if I want I can boot it up anytime and just have a good time. Just make the file once and copy it when you make a new playthrough, works wonders!

Ah you just made a new post. About Hard mode, it's pretty intense. It's good for one or two runs but I feel that the exclusion of the LVL mechanic is very noticable. I'd have prefered it if on Hard the level would go infinite or something, would have been interesting. Hard KMS is doable and a very good learning experience, it really teaches you to be better and learn new and exciting setups. I became a much better player at it after doing the game Hard KMS and even some challenges with Hard KMS Starter Moveset Only. That said Lvl.Die really can be bonkers, especially Elvis gains some pretty big bullshit moves.

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7 Re: God Hand general discussion on Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:57 am

Yeh some bosses are bullshit fast especially elvis, I have beaten him in arena challenges, Elvis' its the butt stomp that's too fast to react to so I have to predict it which kills the pace of the fight, not fun to deal with at all.
Also I don't do resets I didn't know about that until very recently I just take my lickings,but the extra money seems useful haha.

For money I always do all the arena challenges first(the ones I can do) then do some chihuahua races. I'm grinding or money now, I tried video poker but I have no clue how poker works at all haha.

I don't do the high side kick cancel much, I didn't know about that until I really got into GH this year, it is super useful so I reserve it for when I'm worried about dying after a good run and for arena challenges or when demons piss me off(I'm not good with it either haha). I like to be creative and try to vary my move sets, but since you only have one move set and its a tad cumbersometo to change so it doesn't do a good job at incentivising changing moves. Everyone has their favourite moves to rely on so multiple move sets would alleviate this issue, more so if they where assigned to dpad during gameplay.

GH has way too much dominant strategy also, unlike bayo or dmc it doesn't have a combo meter that's tied to ranks and money received which incentives creative, varied play. That said I do like how simple and pure GH's ranking scores are, it just tallies your deaths and what lvl you killed goons at so there is a lot of trust in the player to judge their own improvements.

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8 Re: God Hand general discussion on Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:44 am


I don't believe anyone NEEDS an incentive to do anything.

so if they where assigned to dpad during gameplay.

That's an interesting idea. Essentially it's like weapon switching, but you change your square combo and all alt attacks.

GH has way too much dominant strategy also

Sort of an issue with Absolver at the moment. There are a lot of players using only fast moves which can be difficult to deal with unless you're doing the same. Every game with a vs mode of some kind will most likely have something optimal though.

As for GH, I don't use moves I don't like. Simple. Don't really care how inferior they are to the top moves.

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9 Re: God Hand general discussion on Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:48 am

The biggest 'flaw' of God Hand is that Jab> Jab> Weave> guard break is too good of a combo into the wall-infinite. But honestly it can easily be fixed by "don't use it". That said DMC and Bayonetta suffer from the same problem despite their combo-meters. In DMC3 rebellion/Beowolf reigned surpreme and just mashing JC'd Killer Bee's was enough to see you through to the end. Bayonetta's Rodin weapon mash [ ] for maximum combo, hell in Bayonetta 2 one move of Rodin was all you needed (Back > Foward > Kick) - just spam that move and see your Pure Platinum appear.

> Elvis Butslam
Jup that's the one, such a brokenly fast move.

> money
I always did blackjack, fun little game.

> dpad styles
I had that concept too, but I'd like it to be an animation. So he does a little stance or a taunt, this way you don't make it TOO combo heavy and allow for some balancing.

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10 Re: God Hand general discussion on Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:55 am


I can imagine just switching and canceling into alt button attacks back and forth or something like that if it was going to be instant.

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11 Re: God Hand general discussion on Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:27 am

Sucks that azel and double god hand gene get to switch moves. It's such a simple change and would add so much to its potential, you have to commit to your move set since it's so awkward to swap quickly at least for me. Wonder if it was a hardware limit or other.

What was the development history for GH? It seems unpolished in areas and on a tight budget which says a lot for how masterful the combat is.

Needs more midgets though, I'd appreciate a few more encounters we rarely see them so we don't get to experiment with them in mixed groups much at all. 1 Claw midget appears during stage 6-1 and that's the only other time you see claw midgets, of course mole midgets are reskins.
I think they should have appeared in a few other boxes elsewhere, as bizarrely only 2 times midgets can be found in boxes,which could have been a nod to re4 snakes in boxes haha. Such a novel enemy type, claw midgets don't even appear in the arena challenges. Bomb midgets appear in just 1 challenge, I'd love a challenge of 50 midgets, you think they would really go nuts with challenges it's so odd.

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12 Re: God Hand general discussion on Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:02 pm

I honestly have no clue on the development of God Hand, though I know Clover shut the doors on the day it was released, so it couldn't have been good. Pretty good chance that while the budget was there, management discussions and struggles led to an unfocused development team more busy worrying about losing their job than anything else. I'll look into it when I eventually cover it on Stinger, pretty interested!

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