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Stinger Magazine: General Discussion on articles

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As noted, I tend to ramble on about it. I'll mostly use this topic to write down some thoughts.
I doubled down and decided to ask a writer friend to be my editor at least for the Vanquish article and he agreed. As noted I'm going on a vacation for nearly three weeks in a few days, but after that we'll look at it together while having some food (I hope, I am a man that loves to eat). He was pretty happy to help out since he always loved how passionate I could get on the subject, so there's that.

Right now the article is in a good spot though. I still feel that my articles sometimes lack the personal feel that the one of Ninja Gaiden, Devil's Third and somewhat that of Viewtiful Joe had - but I really have to let that sentiment go and just write what feels right. Anyway that's that. If there are any ideas for articles or w/e post them here, this topic is for that type of discussion. study

Article concepts:

  • History piece on the origins of the genre
  • Fairness in games
  • Should the highest difficulty setting be unlocked from the start?
  • Influences of other games in reception of others (like how Nioh got slammed for being a 'Souls clone' etc.)
  • Regional differences in difficulty settings
  • History of the Stinger Move (had to haha)
  • Vanquish
  • Devil May Cry series
  • Death by Degrees
  • Evil Within 1
  • God of War series
  • Boss Analysis (Alma, Ornstein&Smough...)

I have my work cut out for me...

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I find that most of my ideas for articles come from debates I've participated in/watched over the years.

The 'not enough weapons' complaint is a good one. God Hand technically only has one weapon, but tons of different moves with various properties.

I've seen the term 'gimmick' used with negative connotation. Blade mode for example. "All MGR has is the blade mode gimmick'. Though maybe this would more likely come under lack of understanding a mechanic.

Maybe one on the difficulty changes in different regions and why this is (if the info is available) or why they might do this.

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Origins of action games, maybe a multi part piece since that's a lot of history to cover in some detail. Maybe covering the shooter side of action games(alien soldier,contra,sin & punishment) as well as beat em up types that they evolved from. Fighting games would be intrinsically linked with beat em ups and their evolution into modern action games, fighting games mechanics(combos,cancels,juggles,super moves/states)would foreshadow what action games became.

What are Action games?,examining the term and how it's used.
Action game design in general, and how it can be applied to various games not usually called action.

@birdman; GH is a great example of that issue, less is more, more moves not always weapons.
souls have tons of weapons but each has a small pool of moves that don't really have various properties to use against foes, so it comes down to damage/damage type,reach, stamina consumption and speed.

Gimmick does tend to be used as an insult sadly, gimmicks(tricks,stratagems) can add a lot to games when done well. say unconventional bosses that have novel tricks to their behavior, move set and arena;souls series I find has leaned increasingly on its action with most bosses seemingly solely dedicated to testing player skill of mechanics as opposed to unique subversive bosses the series used to have(old hero,fools idol,maiden astrea, storm king) that made you approach them with various tactical views of how to exploit a foes weakness using their arena and gimmicks like an adventurer would.

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Should be noted that some elements I try to keep in mind for an introduction or combination with a game piece. For instance the Vanquish article is a mixture of 'multiple genres in one game and the concequences' and just a Vanquish review into one. Same as how Viewtiful Joe tackled artistic development and Ninja Gaiden covered the more personal side of development.

Elements like Gimick and Not Enough Weapons aren't enough for a single piece, but I feel they should have a place to be analysed in articles of a game. Gimick could be a nice topic to cover in the eventual MGR:R piece, while Not Enough Weapons can be something to discuss should I ever cover Shinobi (PS2).

Updated the original post with some ideas. Again these aren't final, and I'll just write what comes to mind but it's good to have a pool of ideas somewhere.

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From what you wrote for vanquish draft you explain its mix of genres well at the start of the article. That's something most fail to see and examine about vanquish as most saw it as a basic cover shooter rather than action shooter hybrid.

On nioh: I see a lot of attention about it for it being like souls, clearly more than it should have been and in trying to attract souls crowd they upset many as Nioh is not souls, too fast/complex or other what souls fans hate about nioh type stuff.

When is a game considered a clone/rip off or it's own game apart from its influences? You said that already oops.

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I believe the subject "Influences of other games in reception of others (like how Nioh got slammed for being a 'Souls clone' etc.)" would fit nicely in the eventual Evil Within article, with Resident Evil 4 having such a large influence on it and its reception.

Vanquish review is nearing completion, every time I write it some more I notice an ommision or try to remove something to add something. Slowly getting there though...

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Weird thing to note but, viewership is...up. Way up. I was generally sitting around 500 to 1000 viewers a month depending on article quality etc. But am now at 2000+. The Vanquish piece is already the second most read piece on the site. Guess posting these things on Reddit paid off ha.

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That's great, wonder when we will get more forum members to chat with.

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New (short) article on the Capcom-bar with some pictures.

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