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Samurai western

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1 Samurai western on Sun Aug 06, 2017 6:59 am

Hey bird do u know much about this game mechanically?

I've looked into it over the yrs n never got round to buying it, I've seen a pegi Italian copy available do u know if it has a in game English txt option?

I've seen footage for Italian version it has italian in game txt, not a game changer just an inconvenience. Pegi English version is more pricey about £40. Shit does that mean it's gonna be 50hrtz or is that my tv?

I always liked the dodging n bullet deflects, looks simple n seems to have a lot of area n boss n mob reuse.

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2 Re: Samurai western on Sun Aug 06, 2017 7:18 am


A little bit. I didn't play it too much.

No idea on the versions. I have the JP version. I believe the PAL version has a 60hz option but I can't remember. We first rented it on release so I can't be sure.

As for mechanics, stuff like collision was sloppy. Some cool ideas though. Here's what I remember.

*You could deflect while standing still (extension from blocking I think) but didn't seem to work well for rapid fire).

*Dodging toward enemies while running at them triggered that spin that dodged bullets allowing you to get close. Also seems to suffer from rapid fire but as I remember you could still dodge off to the side and break their line of attack for a sec.

*Bullets could be deflected back at the shooter.

*Different swords had their own unique stance, attacks, abilities and speed. I liked the one-handed sword that let you double jump and run faster.

*You could cancel most things with blocking or dodging.

That's all I can remember without playing it again. I recall an upgrade system where you could allocate points to a stat of your choosing.

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3 Re: Samurai western on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:14 am

Yeh the dodging always looked cool, it has some dodgy coop play with the cowboy but the camera only seems to follow the samurai guy.

It does look a bit jank but that's how games can be haha.

I'll pick it up soon.

I respect odd little games like that, it's a spinoff of the way of the samurai games I think. Shame they didn't make another. Other cowboy/samurai mash ups fill the spot well like yakuza ishin n red steel 2 which is really damn good legit sword n gun combos, uses the wii motion plus I bought that just for it, never beat it I'll have to some time. Bit like borderlands visuals but more samurai influence too.

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