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Just got this game.

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1 Just got this game. on Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:50 am


6 day rental.

I'm installing it now and will post anything interesting regarding the combat here.

Edit: Just messing around with the first enemies in the game. I'm playing the hardest mode.

They don't take hit-stun from lighter attacks for the most part. The final hit of the light string will work as well as heavy attacks. When they lose enough HP they will start glowing blue like they're charging energy. Once complete they will be glowing permanently and become stronger, get some HP back, and be even more resistant to attacks. They can't be launched in this state. Hitting them with a heavy attack or throwing the axe will cancel their power up.

Guarding cancels attack animations. I've had some success relaunching enemies with it. But the way the shield fans out makes it a difficult to time. I don't doubt some cool stuff could be done with this though. This is just initial observation at this point.

When you do the first hit of the heavy strong it launches, then a second input makes them bounce off the ground. Both cases cause the enemy to remain in the air briefly. If you start pressing light here, Kratos will start hacking at them in the air finishing with a knockback.

I was trying to guard cancel to just use the first hit of the heavy string over and over. It works, but I think more due to the fact that these enemies don't recover and can be relaunched while they are down. You can throw the axe at them in the air but it sends them miles away.

I froze one and while barehanded using the heavy attack which is a front kick. This sends them flying back quite far, and the guy I kicked smashed into another an froze him too.

There's wall damage. Freeze a guy and kick them into a wall does huge damage, though that instantly is enough to trigger their transformation so you need to be prepared to chase them cancel it with a heavy.

Parrying is so easy that I can't describe it. It requires no timing.

That's all I got for now.

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2 Re: Just got this game. on Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:59 am


Incredibly boring combat so far.

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3 Re: Just got this game. on Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:12 pm

@Birdman wrote:Incredibly boring combat so far.

Doing god's work Birdman. What exactly makes it so boring?

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4 Re: Just got this game. on Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:38 pm


That kick into wall on frozen enemies doesn't always work. Not sure why they sometimes take huge damage.

Maybe it seems boring because I selected the hardest mode. Enemies are damage sponges so it's just parry/dodge, get in a few hits, repeat. You have to be really careful because on this mode they take little hit-stun and can attack right through your attacks.

If you want to grab, you have to fill their stun meter, but on this mode that isn't going to happen often, or at least not on a new game with no upgrades.

I'm starting to think I should have chosen the mode just under this one, because each encounter takes way too long. More upgrades should solve that I guess. We'll see.

I can now make Atreus attack. You press square and he'll fire an arrow at the enemy you're looking at. He'll fire as fast as you tap the button, and it functions like a special move really.

So far the areas have branching paths that lead to goodies. I found a cave with a chest guarded by wolves who were kinda annoying to fight. They took hit-stun but also had an attack that could guardbreak. I didn't know what it was at first, but you see this yellow ring of light when an incoming attack has this property. Red means unblockable.

So far lots of forced walking and talking. Can skip cutscenes or speed up anything. I guess it's ok for the first playthrough but if it doesn't allow skipping on the second playthrough, well...fuck that.

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5 Re: Just got this game. on Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:58 am


Really bored.

Encounters with like only 4-5 enemies take so long I fall asleep. The hardest mode just boosts their HP and you have to dodge and parry non stop and kill you in 2-3 hits. I might lower the difficulty because I'm barely progressing and I want to actually see what you can unlock before I have to return it.

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6 Re: Just got this game. on Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:06 am



*auto climbing (Horizon/Tomb Raider/Uncharted/10000 others)
*Opening large wall mural that tells a story (TR)
*Opening treasure box and fishing through it for goodies (TR)
*Skill trees, forced walking (everything in recent years)
*Unskippable scenes even if you died and have seen them.

Combat has some stuff to it, but not enough to motivate me. To be fair I haven't upgrading everything but looking through the trees it sounds thoroughly uninteresting. There are runes you can find that offer specials with cooldowns but I only have one.

Not saying the game is total garbage, but just isn't anything new. Doesn't deserve this level of praise at all and it's really sad that the devs decided to copy ALL existing bland trends. The game offers nothing new or interesting at all. Not a single thing. Totally average, but this is the gaming landscape these days.

Exploration is good though. No open world nonsense. More like TR where you go off to the side and find other areas.

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7 Re: Just got this game. on Sat Apr 21, 2018 8:41 am


"Deep, nuanced combat"

edit: grrr, I spent $20 to rent this for 6 days. Might as well try to get as far as I can. Maybe there's something cool to unlock that will make the combat more fun.

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8 Re: Just got this game. on Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:40 pm

What you describe really confirms my worst fears. So you started on Give me God of War? Heard a lot of bad stuff on that mode that it just ignores the base-mechanics and gives enemies bloated HP bars, without giving you tools to deal with it propper. Saw a few end-game players play and it was mostly keep-away gameplay with them throwing the axe and shooting with the kid while running away. Not very exciting.

The walking and talking cannot be skipped because it's a "Single camera shot" game, which apparently is really cool and all. But honestly, it will ruin replays. Older God of War titles also had this problem (unskippable muck), but at least they were short.

> praise
Currently, on average, it is the best reviewed title ever made even beating out classics like Ocarina of Time. This is absolutely insane. Like you said, it is the safest title ever in terms of what it does.

I almost want to fly you over, sit you down and play the original games together haha. There is so much to love.

You do eventually get a secondary weapon, but it only has 5 real moves from what I know.

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9 Re: Just got this game. on Sat Apr 21, 2018 10:54 pm


Yeah I started on the hardest. I had to lower it to the next one down because the devil trigger enemies were just too annoying. Everything has way too much HP. The actual enemies are not hard . Everyone is making them out to be these super intelligent AI but they're totally normal.

I found an optional fight with two level 6 axe heavies, and you can't do a thing but hit once then roll away. Everything they do is unblockable and one hit kill. If I come back later with upgrades I win. If I lower the difficulty I win. What's the point?

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10 Re: Just got this game. on Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:16 pm

The point, sadly, is that this game just isn't for us. It's stuff like that (bloated numbers) that really irks me and rubs me the wrong way.

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11 Re: Just got this game. on Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:31 pm


Yeah pretty much. I would still call it an ok game though. I've barely progressed, but I'd say it's worth a playthrough if you can get it cheap.

The exploration is really nice though. It reminds me of RE4. Probably because I got on a boat in a cave that lead to a huge lake. This part if quite open with half submerged buildings that have docks so you can get off and explore them.

Probably won't get much further because I only have to today, then back to work on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is a public holiday though. It's due back then.

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12 Re: Just got this game. on Sun Apr 22, 2018 12:19 am


Finally beat these axe guys. Damn that was scary. I think it recorded so I might upload it later.

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13 Re: Just got this game. on Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:36 am

“Gutter Trash”-Dudley from 3rd Strike...

All we can hope for is if the series goes on long enough, a future entry will meet the standards of the originals.

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14 Re: Just got this game. on Mon Apr 23, 2018 11:11 pm



It's not bad. Combat is decent. Nothing new but decent. It's kinda scary that many are praising it as the best combat system ever and raising the bar on action games.

It hasnt brought a single new thing to the table. I firmly believe this genre is done now. I wonder if Bayo 3 is going to be the same. Why not? This cinematic formula is guaranteed their precious 95 meta score and crazy sales.

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15 Re: Just got this game. on Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:38 am


Good news. Dodge offset is in this.

You have two types of dodges. A quick step or a roll. You can continue strings after the step.

Ive been avoiding it strings and stepping because hard mode is so dangerous and I didn't even consider that such a mechanic would be in this.

Talismans are proving interesting as well. I got one that activates witch time on last second side steps. Runes are cool too though I only have a few.

Some equipment and attachments boost certain attributes. It seems you can actually create builds to an extent. You may be able to boost stun and make a grabby Kratos, or maybe focus on ranged. I'm messing around with ranged stuff and I can see it working if I can get some more upgrades.

For Atreus I got a spell that lets him summon an energy wolf that runs around smashing into enemies.

It really is looking at least better than we thought thpugh again it's not doing anything new. Graphics are pretty insane though. These locations look amazing.

The map is quite unique. Its like a mini 3d model of the area but aside from your main goal or side stuff youve activated, it doesnt litter the screen with markers or where other areas are. Like in this larger areas where you're on the boat, you look at the geography or structures then go investigate if it looks like there's a path or somewhere you can dock.

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16 Re: Just got this game. on Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:18 am


All moves and skills.

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17 Re: Just got this game. on Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:56 pm


Guys I might actually buy this. Not saying it's better then old GoW but on its own it's decent.

Ive read there is some kind of arena post game, and Im interested in builds like using this talisman that grants witch time on last second dodges (actually kinda hard to do). I need to upgrade it and the materials seem rare. #Kratonetta

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18 Re: Just got this game. Yesterday at 7:54 am

Heresy Birdman, heresy. Jokes aside, get it used if you can.

In terms of the combat, as I said before, if it was a standalone new IP I wouldn't mind, but as it stands it is just such a step back in each and every way. I will get it too eventually, if only to see what the fuss is about and so that I can form an argumented opinion about it if nothing else.

So far from what I've seen this game is a 'best of' collection of all the tropes and development trends of the last generation pooled into one game. Can't lie though, the art design is gorgeous. Some really impressive vistas.

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19 Re: Just got this game. Yesterday at 10:46 am


Bought it.

Let me know if you want any specifics on anything.

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20 Re: Just got this game. Yesterday at 2:11 pm

> is there an arena? If so, how does it work? Does it allow for special types of fights?

> how much of the game is pointless walking and talking?

> can you skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs?

> how useful is weapon switching?

> is it possible to replay the game with the blades?

> are there Costumes?

> is Freezing useful?

> how are the magic spells (if any)?

> can you avoid leveling?

> what does leveling even do?

> if you don't upgrade/level, will you end up dealing just 1/10000th damage, or doesn't it really matter?

> does the enviroment play a part in the combat? Does throwing enemies into each other deal them damage?

That's it basically.

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21 Re: Just got this game. Today at 1:22 am


is there an arena? If so, how does it work? Does it allow for special types of fights?
Yes, an optional realm has an arena with trials. They have various requirements like beating enemies within a time limit, not taking damage, regenerating enemies etc. There aren't that many trials but from what I've read these challenges seems pretty hard.

how much of the game is pointless walking and talking?
During the story, quite a lot so far. Once you get to go exploring there's not much.

can you skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs?
Haven't beaten the game yet but I've heard you can't.

how useful is weapon switching?
There's not on the fly switching. You have to sheath or throw your axe to get fists and shield. Don't about the Blades of Chaos.

is it possible to replay the game with the blades?
Not sure yet.

are there Costumes?
Not that I know of.

is Freezing useful?
On lower difficulties yes, but I'm not getting much use on hard. Maybe with more upgrades it might be better. Frost always kicks in though.

how are the magic spells (if any)?
The kid has magic and it's super use though I only have 3 spells. One summons energy wolves that run around tearing into enemies, another summons a flock of ravens I think. I mainly use the wolf one but I just got a squirrel that digs up items, though I think it's just healing or rage boosters. Kratos can equip runes that sort of function like magic. Some are physical attacks while others are more magical like throwing shockwaves, or sending ice spikes along the ground.

can you avoid leveling?
what does leveling even do?
Yes you can avoid it. It's weird. It's not exp or anything. Your level is determined by your equipment. On hard, many enemies one shot you and have red unblockable attacks, but if your level is higher, their attacks get downgraded to yellow. Oh yeah, enemy attacks have MGR color coding. So, you could unequip everything and your level would go down. No matter how many you kill, nothing will change with Kratos' stats.

if you don't upgrade/level, will you end up dealing just 1/10000th damage, or doesn't it really matter?
Pretty much but only on harder modes. Equipment decides your level, so if you stick with starting stuff you'll always be at that disadvantage. On the other hand, what this mean is you can purposely choose weaker equipment and try to balance it out.

does the enviroment play a part in the combat? Does throwing enemies into each other deal them damage?
Yes, but it's not something I'm getting much use out of on hard. You can knock them off ledges/cliffs but I think they have to be light types.

When frozen you can kick them into others or walls. Not useful on hard in my exp. I've seen a throw but it might have been an enemy specific one. I don't know much about grabs right now, only that you have to full the stun meter to use them.

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