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So. What's everyone's opinion on this game?

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1 So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:25 am

Liking the complete shift in nature to cinematic brawler?

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I'd rather it not be but it looks like every bad cinematic game trope shoved into an action game since 7gen.
Like they looked at all the walky bits in them and said that's the next god of war, let's push this genre forward.

It looks like it could be too limited for combat and story oriented. For honor has a similar perspective and look to its combat but is much better from what I can tell. God of war series was iterative enough and a reboot had potential to improve and evolve the gameplay, this looks to be the opposite.

Theirs games that have a large focus on story and gameplay like mgs and yakuza and neither entirely take over the other, god of war reboot doesn't look to strike that balance which can be hard, seems more due to what's selling than anything else.

I haven't played god of war much so you'll have to excuse my lack of insight.(only beat chains of Olympus, played gow1 and 3 but never beat, do still have the hd versions of 1-2 and 3 PS3 also)

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Pretty much what Gabriel said. I never got into the GoW games but even I can see this. It looks like everything I hate in gaming.

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Yeah my opinion exactly. For me this is what I fear will happen to the whole genre entirely: copy the cinematic approach and hope it sells. The fact that all articles about the game, all interviews and such are all about the story and "Kratos as a human being" instead of the gameplay is what I fear will happen to the entire medium at large. I hope it flops.

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It's a disturbing idea that games should be not games for sake of some bollocks Hollywood pretentious nonsense, god imagine putting cinematic games in an arcade, I wanna shoot shit n games have story anyway. One shouldn't have to compromise the other. If I wanted pure story I'd not play games but I do so I'd rather have the game please.

I love games that know their games at the end of the day, like god hand(ahh this is dumb) it's a game n it loves it, some dumb silly story about a guy beating doods up has left a far more profound impact on me for being just that, leaves the nuance to the gameplay.

God hand outro credits is a massive joy to me, I always watch it, its a montage of everyone having a gay ol time n it's enthusiasm is infectious, like thnx for playing good job we love it u love it videogames son!

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It's exactly that. What it also is is shortsighted cashgrabs. Even big titles like The Last of Us are slowly becoming more and more hated because the flaws show heavily on repeat playthroughs while titles like Resident Evil 4 still hold up more than 10 years after its release. 

Not sure if I noted this somewhere before but in art-history (I went to the art-academy after all) we learn of a process called imitation. Each artform in the earlier parts of its existence will copy the motions of others until it finds its niche. Example: photography would imitate what painters would do, showing only portraits and landscapes. Another example: film, when first invented, was just pictures and uses the same type of framing and flow as a bunch of pictures after each other. 

Games as a medium is pretty unique as it is both a new and old medium, being a new iteration of boardgames taken to a new level. It quickly found its niche without copying other mediums and did its own thing thanks to masterminds like Miyamoto at the helm. But now, nearly 30 years later, the medium is slowly backing down and copying existing mediums. Namely movies and choose-your-own-adventure novels. Interesting to note.

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yes ive seen that before, games by their nature r interactive, making games into barely interactive films is inherently not using the unique nature of games n is just disrespectful to both games and films.

games can have unique ways to show meaning through mechanics with player/game interactions, cutscenes r just that, they r scenes that a game cuts to, to give context to a game, games can have various creative ways to show story, since we can walk around n read notes n generally be in a games world.

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To a point, but it can thrive. Though the writing was abysmal Heavy Rain was a solid interactive experience. Games have been like this for decades, even older point and click games were very story focused - now it just shows less. The reason I hate it is when it takes over existing genres and tries to replace them. While narrative focused games can be very good if just seen as that, instead of something more.

The Order was the most lazy though, barely requiring input and was basically a movie (and a bad one at that).

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@roy yes that's my issue, I respect them as their own entity but don't force narrative type gameplay in other genres, especially games that are about player expression through the games mechanics, not story. No one plays dmc for forced narrative gameplay.

When one plays a narrative focused game it's expected the gameplay will be as such, fair enough that's why I tend to watch those things not play them.

Limiting player agency and interactivity in games that are fundamentally about that for forced story sections is not good game design, since it's not even a game at that point but an unskippable cutscene that forces me to hold the move button in a given direction until a certainty point.

Worst parts of mgr and vanquish are the forced walking sections, so even platinum conform to antithetical action game design.

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I don't even mind the forced-walking (aka interactive cutscenes) - as long as you can skip them the next time. Replaying Metroid: Other M is a pain because you're stuck in 'walky-talky' mode for years on end so bad.

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11 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:19 pm

@roy: Since walky sections are cutscenes effectively you should be able to skip them as you please like regular cutscenes. We know on replay it hurts game flow, I love a good story but don't force it on me. It's like "get this tedium over with please so I can enjoy the game you've made as a game".
its like they think the story is as essential as the gameplay.

Imagine a game where you can skip gameplay but not cutscenes, I think some have done that. Why do so many do it? It seems for the sake of trends and apathetic game design. Even platinum does it, why platinum why?

I think vanquish does it since gears of war 1 did it, but gears of war 2 onwards allowed you to skip those walks-talky bits always.

Example:Furi kills its pacing with long walky sections(you can hit an auto walk button for them).you can play bosses on practice without story parts so that's a fix.

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12 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:50 am


While narrative focused games can be very good if just seen as that, instead of something more.

It's just the way the gaming world is now. Take Hellblade. I have nothing against it, but as Roy said. The reason I hate it is when it takes over existing genres and tries to replace them.

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That's the core issue.

Forcing them in other established series also.
Metroid of all games should not have cinematic narrative focus.
Can you even sequence break those parts(walky talky mode)?
Sequence breaking is a part of metroid now, simply how they designed one can do that,useful for speed runs. Walky talky is the exact opposite of metroid design.

God of war has a reputation and expectation to be an action game. How many actions can you perform during walky talky? Pet the child?

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"Press X to care"
I swear we'll see this. I don't mind if it was a reboot but it seems like it will re-use the lore of previous games and that this is the exact same Kratos as before yet suddenly 'interesting'. That said it was going to happen to God of War, it always was the most cinematic and story-driven of the genre so seeing it take that dive is not unexpected. But it is surprising after seeing how badly Ninja Gaiden 3 failed in that regard.

Sequence breaking is a part of metroid now
Something Nintendo keeps ignoring, going as far as patch Sequence Breaks out of the EU releases of Metroid Prime. Though it seems that with Samus Returns they are embracing it a bit more.

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Why Norse mythology? When Kratos is the same guy apparently, didn't he literally kill ALL of the Greek Pantheon? That royally unset the worlds equilibrium I'm sure. Unless the Greeks weren't all hot shit after all. Looks so bland too, should have gone with Aztec..tsk.tsk.tsk.

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16 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:00 am

I don't mind the new mythology, but I do mind that they stuck Kratos in there for no apparent reason.

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17 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:23 am

The setting and creature designs so far look so tame, nothing really strikes me like GoW did, maybe because I don't like Norse stuff much, just this stuff in particular looks lame. Their trying to be too photorealistic and not make an iconic aesthetic to complement 'gameplay', I could confuse its art with Helblades on a whim. The increased texture work and hyper grizzled Kratos ballsac isn't selling me, I guess the extra face creases build character.

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I havent watched any recent stuff but I heard the kid wint shut up and constantly screams which direction an attack is coming from or something.

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Kratos: friend to all minors, or anyone for that matter. Totally not a bare chested bipedal genocide.

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20 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:24 am


The game looks like your usual modern action-adventure title. It doesn't seem to have much to do with any previous God of War-games in either gameplay or tone, and the even more cinematic, streamlined style seems like a dubious direction for the series to head in.

I'm not expecting much of the story either, because since it's not a full reboot or a whole new franchise altogether, it sits at an awkward point of having to continue God of War III's train wreck of a story line while also doing an unexplainable leap to a whole new setting. Honestly, it's a really shaky foundation to start from. Plus the more emotional vibe with what I expect will be plenty of (as Yahtzee puts it) "Oscar bait"-moments might be disastrous if mishandled.

I dunno... This game simply has a lot of red flags to it, starting from the title itself, which just emanates sleazy brand recognition intentions. It might not be a bad game, but hearing anything about it makes me miss the old God of War-games already (yes, even Ascension).

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21 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:48 am

Yeah when I first saw it being announced and seeing the live demo I was...kind of blown away just by how generic and by the numbers it was. I also saw it as a pretty big danger to the genre, I mean if GoW goes, what's to say DMC and NG won't try it again either? NG3 was only a half meassure, what's to say it won't turn into something like that Ninja Theory game Set...senusa? Something?

I never get the names though, God of War. Everyone will always call it God of War 2018, which isn't a really cool title to be honest. Just name it something new, or give it a great title. Or just, you know, create something new with a new title. It reeks of corporate meddling, kinda reminds me of Ninja Gaiden 2004. Originally the game wasn't Ninja Gaiden, but Tecmo had the IP and stuck it to it to gain more sales as it was quite popular a name in the West. Same here I feel, except worse.

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22 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:22 pm

It won't for DMC or NG, they learned their lesson that much is clear. DmC wasn't that bad with it's walky sections(not that I'm defending them), them being not long or frequent enough to be a massive detriment. 5 is all but confirmed.

Razors edge removed a lot of the cinematic crap and Nioh has none of it. Things are looking positive(except GoW), it won't happen.

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Just watched an extensive gameplay demo and damn, that kid really does not shut up EVER. Worse, it's as bad as I heard, where he constantly shouts out where an enemy is coming from. It's essentially a never ending tutorial. I dont know, maybe he shuts up later but from what Ive seen in most modern games, they never stop telling you what to do in some way.

And even then what the hell? Kratos needs a kid to tell him how to fight? It's freakin' bizarre and clearly caters to the casual crowd.

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Can you throw the kid as an assist?

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I'm absolutely sure it was corporate meddling. Though Barlog also might have fantasies of grandeur into the movie industry or something, seeing this as his big break. I swear this game will flop, at least in the long term.

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26 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:05 am

What does the rest of the OG GoW team and Jaffe think?

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27 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:14 am

Most of the OG GoW team is actually working on it. The combat-designer is even still on it, who apparently heavily protested against Barlog about the new camera system saying it didn't favor the combat, which Barlog said didn't matter as this was about the story.[/mention] wrote:During an interview with Eurogamer, Barlog stated that he made the decision to move away from QTEs and camera cuts as a means to keep from breaking players’ immersion so as to tell a more “personal story” that allows scenes to focus more so on what Kratos has been experiencing throughout the narrative for God of War. Initially, Barlog encountered some push back from members of his own development team for ditching these once-mainstay features of the series, but they eventually relented in order to tackle it as a new challenge.

Jaffe himself always had decent praise it seems. He likes that they are trying something new. He does fear the more somber tone, hoping it will be a bit more adventurous as the previous games.[/mention] wrote:Lots asking what I think about new GOD OF WAR. A- love the open world B- graphix amazing (duh!:) C-Ambitious changes and ANY time a game has the courage to grow and try new things I’m interested! D-From what I gather they are going for a somber, serious tone. May NOT be accurate read but I’m just going off E3 demo. But for me, I would hope that hope the somber tone isn’t so pervasive that it squashes the high adventure feel I love about the series. So overall am excited and proud and eager to play it!

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28 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:32 am

Yeh graffixxs don't mean shit when the art doesn't interest me and the gameplay doesn't hold up. Story here seems lame anyway, I was way more into it when Kratos was a walking genocide, series had some interesting depictions of the Greek pantheon.

Also was Kratos an original character or an actual Greek character or based off one?

Apparently the engine can contain 100 enemies at once whereas the series highest count was 50 in Acension.

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29 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:42 am

It was a playfull interpretation of the mythology, the whole series was.

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30 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Tue Dec 05, 2017 10:46 am

That's real neato, doubt we'll be seeing that care here, just glorified child care.

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31 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:21 pm

Guess juggles, prompts and goofy unlockable costumes are too immersion breaking for this game.
GoW was a fucken VideoGame man!

Even Shadow of the Colossus, an artsy fartsy actual game, has extra unlockables via a time trial mode.

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32 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:45 pm

This makes me appreciate GoWs existence more, GoW had a good run, has about 6 entries and some spinoffs, for a time it had great influence, namely for western action games show great inspiration bordering on plagiarism at times; You got your Dantes inferno, Wolverine Origins Uncaged, Star Wars Forced Unleashed, Lords of Shadow 1-2 and Mah Boii Marlowe Briggs and The Mask of Death(which is digusting in how competent it is, like fuck me how is it so good!?!). Even DMC4's Nero is a counterpart taking his grabs implementation much like Kratos.

It had its time and I except its passing, all these games clearly took GoW as base to build on and make something their own out of the formula, I think that speaks to the series quality and importance to the genre and gaming. Tearing up over here, think I'm gonna go play Marlowe Briggs again, love that guy(offensive the quality of this one is, sorcery I tell you).

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New info:

-Combat is based on prioritizing enemies, it’s not as chaotic as in the past. For example certain enemies are resistant to Leviathan which is Kratos Axe, others are impossible to stagger.
-Use of your surroundings is important to get through combat scenarios. Gives players a few different choices in completing combat scenarios.
-Leviathan is can be thrown to freeze certain enemies and a button needs to be pushed to summon it back to you.
-Not sure if this was known, but there’s no jump button
-Shield is used to parry and as well in melee combat
-Arteus (Kratos’ Son) is an extension of Kratos moveset, can be used to attack certain enemies by pushing the square button.
-While not being directed in combat Aretus will rain arrows on enemies which will increase their stun meter, once they are stunned Kratos can grab the enemies and either rip them apart or use them as weapons. The example given is a specific enemy creates an area of effect attack that launches the rest of the enemies in the air

-No more jumping or swimming
-Kratos and Arteus use boats to traverse the environment when appropriate

Upgrade System:
-Skills, armor, weapons can all be upgraded
-Uses some type of crafting system that the developers are being tight lipped about
-Can craft different types of armor
-Skill upgrades and crafting of armor applies to Arteus as well
-There are rune slots on the axe that can change the properties of the weapon for both light and heavy attack

-Being tight lipped about other weapons appearing in the game, but say that the Axe and Shield are the star of the show.

-They wanted to get away from the destroy all Gods mentality that they had in previous God of Wars so they Made Kratos more vulnerable. The only time he really goes insane in combat is during Spartan Rage where he starts demolishing characters with just his fists.
-After Ascension it was hard to get the higher ups to sign off onto another God of War game, they were pretty much done with the franchise, Cory had to pitch something great and fresh in order to get the game greenlit.
-Cory speaking about the future of God of War mentions the Mayan Era or the Egyptian Era
-Cory mentions he wants this new direction of God of War to reach way more people and go into Uncharted and Assassins Creed levels and to grow the franchise
Have to say, this isn't hitting home with me haha.

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had to pitch something great and fresh in order to get the game greenlit.

Then how did it get greenlit? lol. Sounds like another game with a combination of the most cookie cutter elements of existing cookie cutter games.

-Cory speaking about the future of God of War mentions the Mayan Era or the Egyptian Era

So they're going with the AC formula? Kratos around the world.

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I honestly don't know what the goal is right now outside of 'make money', which I doubt it will.  Is anyone here going to buy it?

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Personally, no. Even if I was just going to rent it, it would be waaaaay later because I plan to play all the GoW games in order when I have time.

It frightens me that this concept is considered something 'great and fresh'. What universe do they live in?

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I'll wait for it to be a PSNPLUS title one day in the future, or if it's really cheap I might try it (like 10 bucks used or something). 

But yeah you got me there. No clue what's so 'fresh' about this. The 'assist button might be a tad unique, but honestly it just looks like a baseline story game with shovelware characters crammed in for just their name instead of actually caring about the development of said characters.

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38 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:02 pm


They way they described the assist is an ancient mechanic. That's doesn't make it bad, but it does annoy me when they try to make it out that it's new and original. Pretty much any game with an AI partner that can help you out in some way.

This is the description from the wiki.
Although players will play as Kratos throughout the entire game,[12] there will be times when the player will passively control Kratos' son, Atreus. One button is dedicated to Atreus and its use depends on the context. Barlog stated that Atreus is "like magic, an additional combat resource, and [the player is] training him and teaching him." Atreus can shoot lightning arrows with his bow, depending on where the player looks.[13] Over the course of the game, Atreus helps in combat, traversal, exploration, and puzzle-solving. When facing a large amount of enemies, he will freely act as a distraction for the weaker enemies as Kratos fights the stronger ones.[8] The developers have stated that Atreus will not be a burden during gameplay.[9]

OZ, Haunting Ground, Rule of Rose, Curse Of Darkness, Chaos Legion, Dororo, Folklore, Dragon's Dogma. All of these have AI partners that can attack in a variety of ways or assist in some shape or form.

Haunting Ground's (2005) Hewie can help solve puzzle, get out of reach items, find items (told to search and sniffs around finding stuff invisible and untouchable to the player) attack, and distract.

I could give examples of all of these but I think you get the idea. Sounds like they've lifted a ton of features from DD too.

I think they can get away with calling everything unique because, from what I've noticed, it seems a lot of gamers these days are too young to know a lot of the old stuff.

Edit: Another topic popped up with some comments about what the kid can do, such as stun enemies for Kratos to follow up on. Someone asked why Kratos would require that? Good question now that I think about it. Makes zero sense really. Are we even playing as the same guy?#NoKidRun

I know, obviously, that it's part of the new mechanics and those 'fresh, new ideas' and by that I mean ancient mechanics done better in PS2 games from like 10 years ago.

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