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So. What's everyone's opinion on this game?

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1 So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Thu Aug 03, 2017 11:25 am

Liking the complete shift in nature to cinematic brawler?

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I'd rather it not be but it looks like every bad cinematic game trope shoved into an action game since 7gen.
Like they looked at all the walky bits in them and said that's the next god of war, let's push this genre forward.

It looks like it could be too limited for combat and story oriented. For honor has a similar perspective and look to its combat but is much better from what I can tell. God of war series was iterative enough and a reboot had potential to improve and evolve the gameplay, this looks to be the opposite.

Theirs games that have a large focus on story and gameplay like mgs and yakuza and neither entirely take over the other, god of war reboot doesn't look to strike that balance which can be hard, seems more due to what's selling than anything else.

I haven't played god of war much so you'll have to excuse my lack of insight.(only beat chains of Olympus, played gow1 and 3 but never beat, do still have the hd versions of 1-2 and 3 PS3 also)

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Pretty much what Gabriel said. I never got into the GoW games but even I can see this. It looks like everything I hate in gaming.

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Yeah my opinion exactly. For me this is what I fear will happen to the whole genre entirely: copy the cinematic approach and hope it sells. The fact that all articles about the game, all interviews and such are all about the story and "Kratos as a human being" instead of the gameplay is what I fear will happen to the entire medium at large. I hope it flops.

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It's a disturbing idea that games should be not games for sake of some bollocks Hollywood pretentious nonsense, god imagine putting cinematic games in an arcade, I wanna shoot shit n games have story anyway. One shouldn't have to compromise the other. If I wanted pure story I'd not play games but I do so I'd rather have the game please.

I love games that know their games at the end of the day, like god hand(ahh this is dumb) it's a game n it loves it, some dumb silly story about a guy beating doods up has left a far more profound impact on me for being just that, leaves the nuance to the gameplay.

God hand outro credits is a massive joy to me, I always watch it, its a montage of everyone having a gay ol time n it's enthusiasm is infectious, like thnx for playing good job we love it u love it videogames son!

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It's exactly that. What it also is is shortsighted cashgrabs. Even big titles like The Last of Us are slowly becoming more and more hated because the flaws show heavily on repeat playthroughs while titles like Resident Evil 4 still hold up more than 10 years after its release. 

Not sure if I noted this somewhere before but in art-history (I went to the art-academy after all) we learn of a process called imitation. Each artform in the earlier parts of its existence will copy the motions of others until it finds its niche. Example: photography would imitate what painters would do, showing only portraits and landscapes. Another example: film, when first invented, was just pictures and uses the same type of framing and flow as a bunch of pictures after each other. 

Games as a medium is pretty unique as it is both a new and old medium, being a new iteration of boardgames taken to a new level. It quickly found its niche without copying other mediums and did its own thing thanks to masterminds like Miyamoto at the helm. But now, nearly 30 years later, the medium is slowly backing down and copying existing mediums. Namely movies and choose-your-own-adventure novels. Interesting to note.

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yes ive seen that before, games by their nature r interactive, making games into barely interactive films is inherently not using the unique nature of games n is just disrespectful to both games and films.

games can have unique ways to show meaning through mechanics with player/game interactions, cutscenes r just that, they r scenes that a game cuts to, to give context to a game, games can have various creative ways to show story, since we can walk around n read notes n generally be in a games world.

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To a point, but it can thrive. Though the writing was abysmal Heavy Rain was a solid interactive experience. Games have been like this for decades, even older point and click games were very story focused - now it just shows less. The reason I hate it is when it takes over existing genres and tries to replace them. While narrative focused games can be very good if just seen as that, instead of something more.

The Order was the most lazy though, barely requiring input and was basically a movie (and a bad one at that).

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@roy yes that's my issue, I respect them as their own entity but don't force narrative type gameplay in other genres, especially games that are about player expression through the games mechanics, not story. No one plays dmc for forced narrative gameplay.

When one plays a narrative focused game it's expected the gameplay will be as such, fair enough that's why I tend to watch those things not play them.

Limiting player agency and interactivity in games that are fundamentally about that for forced story sections is not good game design, since it's not even a game at that point but an unskippable cutscene that forces me to hold the move button in a given direction until a certainty point.

Worst parts of mgr and vanquish are the forced walking sections, so even platinum conform to antithetical action game design.

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I don't even mind the forced-walking (aka interactive cutscenes) - as long as you can skip them the next time. Replaying Metroid: Other M is a pain because you're stuck in 'walky-talky' mode for years on end so bad.

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11 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Sat Aug 12, 2017 10:19 pm

@roy: Since walky sections are cutscenes effectively you should be able to skip them as you please like regular cutscenes. We know on replay it hurts game flow, I love a good story but don't force it on me. It's like "get this tedium over with please so I can enjoy the game you've made as a game".
its like they think the story is as essential as the gameplay.

Imagine a game where you can skip gameplay but not cutscenes, I think some have done that. Why do so many do it? It seems for the sake of trends and apathetic game design. Even platinum does it, why platinum why?

I think vanquish does it since gears of war 1 did it, but gears of war 2 onwards allowed you to skip those walks-talky bits always.

Example:Furi kills its pacing with long walky sections(you can hit an auto walk button for them).you can play bosses on practice without story parts so that's a fix.

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12 Re: So. What's everyone's opinion on this game? on Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:50 am


While narrative focused games can be very good if just seen as that, instead of something more.

It's just the way the gaming world is now. Take Hellblade. I have nothing against it, but as Roy said. The reason I hate it is when it takes over existing genres and tries to replace them.

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That's the core issue.

Forcing them in other established series also.
Metroid of all games should not have cinematic narrative focus.
Can you even sequence break those parts(walky talky mode)?
Sequence breaking is a part of metroid now, simply how they designed one can do that,useful for speed runs. Walky talky is the exact opposite of metroid design.

God of war has a reputation and expectation to be an action game. How many actions can you perform during walky talky? Pet the child?

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"Press X to care"
I swear we'll see this. I don't mind if it was a reboot but it seems like it will re-use the lore of previous games and that this is the exact same Kratos as before yet suddenly 'interesting'. That said it was going to happen to God of War, it always was the most cinematic and story-driven of the genre so seeing it take that dive is not unexpected. But it is surprising after seeing how badly Ninja Gaiden 3 failed in that regard.

Sequence breaking is a part of metroid now
Something Nintendo keeps ignoring, going as far as patch Sequence Breaks out of the EU releases of Metroid Prime. Though it seems that with Samus Returns they are embracing it a bit more.

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