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Transformers (2004/Armada)

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1 Transformers (2004/Armada) on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:53 am


How can I describe this game without talking for hours? Let someone else try. This guy does a decent job of it.

So, this is one of my favorite games. The mini-cons allow for so much fun and variety, almost builds to a degree. I used to spend hours testing what each could do and what kind of reaction they got from each enemy type. Once I get my capture equipment I plan to go back to this game and generate some ridiculously in-depth content.

Onto stuff not mentioned in that video. You can equip up to 4 mini-cons, each having a power level, and each Autobot having a power level as well, meaning you can't just equip 4 of the most powerful ones because their cost would be too high. Prime has the highest power level so he can equip more high power mini-cons, but still not in all 4 slots.

Mini-cons have a meter that decreases with use, but refills automatically when not in use. The synergy he mentioned affects things like this such as refill speed, and how long to can remain in Powerlink, which is essentially a 'DT' of sorts. Your mini-con companion will connect and you'll become way more powerful, but your life will drain rapidly. Not very useful at all in my experience even with a full team of the same colors.

Some mini-cons are just more powerful versions of others, but the majority are totally different and offer tons of variety. You have blasters, lasers, shields, explosives, rockets, homing missiles, and support stuff like high jump, glider, stealth, range extend, thermal vision.

Each stage is pretty big, with mini-cons and data-cons (unlockables) scattered about, some inaccessible until you return with the glider or high jump.

There is a cover system and first person aiming. It's kinda weird and hard to describe. Once you go into first person view, you can't move. But if you move the right stick, you can sort of 'sway' in that direction. So if you were behind something you could pop out like this.

The is melee, and mini-cons that boost its power, but it's super limited. You hit three times but stronger enemies can beat you down. One in particular just grabs and throws you up close. I need to go back and look into it more. There is one or two enemies where it completely shuts them down.

I could talk for HOURS on the application of just a few mini-cons but I'll leave that for when I get my guide which will never happen started.

I'll tell you one story though. I got this friend who is awful at EVERY game and he used to come over and play this. He freakin' loves it and actually called me two days ago asking to borrow it. Anyway, years ago, he was fighting Megatron and getting totally destroyed, then he equips the grenade launcher telling me it's good because it allows multiple shots before totally draining and refills fast. I countered that this is only because it's so weak. He starts shooting at Megatron who usually tanks most things and I noticed that while the grenades do next to no damage, they were causing a very small stun, and even cancelled his powerful moves completely! This lead to all kinds of cool stuff once I started testing it later. I initially disregarded it, but it sends flying some of the most annoying enemies in the game, like shield users and those grabbing ones, allowing you to freely blast them with something else.

I better shut up. That above example leads into endless other stuff. Anyway play this now. This isn't a choice.

Edit: Crap, forgot to add, this game has button input cheats. The game doesn't tell you them as far as I know, but you can find them online. There are some really interesting ones like disable overload, which is that mini-con equip limit I mentioned before. So you can equip unrealistic combinations and mess around.

There's also infinite dash mini-con, which technically isn't infinite, it just refills so fast there's no downtime between use. This one is awesome, because you can play the game almost like an action game, zipping all over the place. It also allowed me to go out of bounds using the glider.

Then there's other useful stuff like level select, infinite health and all mini-cons from the start. This allows me to test anything I want. There are some others but I've forgotten what they are.

All difficulties are available from the start too which is nice.

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2 Re: Transformers (2004/Armada) on Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:55 pm

I remember this game coming out and being a really big deal, I really wanted to play it but had no PS2 and even got a discount card for the game in my monthly gaming magazine Game Quest (damn that brings back nostalgia).

It sounded so amazing, especially when I watched the video review on tv show Gammo (dear god the nostalgia). I really really wanted the game, but never ended up playing it. Really good that you mention it, going to try and hunt this one down.

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